Creating demos isn’t as simple as writing some slides. Before the demo is created, it’s critical to look at the foundational elements:

  • Talent
    • Does the team have the skills necessary to deliver a killer demo?
  • Process
    • Are demos being delivered at the right time in the sales cycle?
  • Messaging
    • Are the value propositions clear?
  • Demo
    • Is the right team communicating the right value propositions with the right messaging

All of our engagements start with an audit to ensure the foundation is in place. We then offer a variety of services, such as Demo2Win training, sales process consulting and marketing and message development, so you can have all the pieces in place to deliver a killer demo.

Our services include:

Conduct Demo2Win! trainingIdentify bottlenecks in the sales cyclePinpoint value propositionsBuild/edit new demos
Deliver personalized coachingDevelop discovery questions Clarify audience rolesCreate demo videos
Interview potential talentAccelerate RFP/POCsAssociate value propositions with audiencesProvide outsourced demo talent