Demo Reviews: Cemex

While construction isn’t always the most interesting topic, products such as the ReadyAquawall from Cemex have very real benefits that they can offer if people

Let’s put an end to the boring presentation.

If you’re a human with a job, there’s no getting around presentations; giving them, getting them, or having to sit through them. If the presentation

Why voice matters, and how to develop yours.

In a world with fierce competition, brand differentiation is key. While the occasional meme or funny graphic may make your brand more likable (for a

Demo Reviews: Zazzle

Highlight your solution This demo is a great example of a service demonstration, and does a lot of things really well. While there is a

5 Effective uses of video for your business

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you’re probably looking to connect with your customers. If you can’t communicate 1:1, then there is no

They don’t care about your story: How to make better demos

We need to talk. I know this is difficult, but it’s a conversation we need to have. Maybe you’ve been selling and demoing your solution

Good vs Great: What if we were better than “good”?

Good vs Great: What if we were better than “good”?

You probably think you give a good demo. You know your product or service inside and out, you know your audience…but are you really selling

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