It’s common to be told to “just tell a story” as a piece of presentation advice, and good demo professionals do do that during their demos. Most of the time, however, the presenter simply puts themselves in the position of the main character. “Look at me click here, now look at me click here. Isn’t my software cool? Hold on, this is my favorite part!” <audience yawns and checks Instagram>

Great demo professionals know that the audience needs to be the main character. Because the audience wants to hear a story about themselves. They want to know how you’ll make their life better. Or make their job easier. Or make them more money.

When you get in front of the right audience and tell them a story about their life, good stuff tends to follow. Sales cycles get shorter. Contract values are higher. And competition is left in the dust.

Telling the right story is all about communicating value, and that’s where Demo Solutions comes in. Our experts work with you to determine your “so what.” We’ll make sure that every feature you show is connected to a benefit. And we’ll probably shorten your demos while we’re at it, but we’ll make them much, much more impactful. We make it so that when you walk out of the room, your audience remembers what you want them to remember. So you can be in the best position possible to win the deal.

Contact us today to see how Demo Solutions can improve your presentations and demos, so you can focus on closing deals.