As you’re reading this, someone out there is sitting through a bad technology demo.

What makes a demo bad? Simple – it doesn’t connect with the audience. Maybe the presenter is obsessed with features they think are cool (even though the audience doesn’t care). Maybe the presenter uses lots of buzzwords, or words the audience doesn’t understand (“we’re going to create transmedia experiences by leveraging our expertise in cloud and big data analytics”). Maybe the presenter hasn’t practiced (“um…I’m going to…um…tell you about…well, hold on…”). Maybe the presenter doesn’t ask a single question. Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Bad demos and presentations kill deals – but Demo Solutions is here to help. Our experienced team works with technology businesses to make their presentations better, to fix broken sales processes and, ultimately, to communicate value to their clients. Reach out today for a free assessment of your demo, and to see how we can help you close more business.

I had the pleasure of working with [Demo Solutions’ Ed Jaffe] on our first sales demo. Ed is an incredibly quick study, and was able to dive deeply into the particulars and nuances of our business. Ed went to great lengths to research both the industry and business model and distilled our presentation into a clever heuristic with precise, evidence-based value propositions. What’s more is, Ed was able to weave a storyline throughout the presentation, layer in strong emotional content, and create real opportunities to engage with our customers on a very human level. Ed is a great mix of academic thinker and seasoned sales expert, able to create materials that speak to a broad range of business and psychographic needs.”

Yaniv Kanfi, Founder & CEO, Achroma


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