Salespeople Learn How to Sell

But Not How to Present

We’re taught how to qualify an opportunity, not how to discover what’s important to the customer.
We’re given generic talking points about features, but not why those features are valuable to everyone in the audience.
We’re taught how to recite a demo script, not how to make our demo a powerful customer experience.
But we’re often so worried about remembering our talking points that we forget to ask questions. To listen. To learn. To empathize. To adjust in real-time based on what the customer says.
So we walk into the room, we deliver our pitch, and then we hope the customer finds our solution valuable. Instead of showing them the value.
At Demo Solutions, we’re on a mission – we want to put your customers at the center of each presentation you deliver. We want to help you highlight benefits, not features. To sell, not to train. And to have fun when you’re presenting, because life is too short to sit through irrelevant sales presentations or boring technology demos.
Team watching demo or presentation and taking notes
Let's Put The 
 At The Center Of Your Presentation

No NewSales Methodologies

Only BetterSales Meetings

Sales methodologies are great, but they don’t teach you how to give an effective presentation or a killer demo. So we work with whatever methodology you already have (Challenger, SPIN, Predictable Revenue, etc) and focus on what happens when you’re in front of a customer.
We’ll help you zero in on your unique “presentation personality,” so you can deliver authentic and genuine presentations and not sound like everyone else.
We’ll distill and prioritize your messages into easy-to-digest collateral, so your audiences can follow along and remember your differentiators.
We can support your organization with on-demand presenters or coaches, so executives and managers can focus on closing deals.
And we’ll ensure that everyone on the team, from inside sales and account executives through solutions consultants and customer success managers, can deliver value at every stage of the sales cycle. So you can keep deals moving, and make sure your deals don’t just sit in the middle of your funnel.

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